Call of Cthulhu gets an E3 Trailer


Call of Cthulhu is an upcoming game to be released in 2017 for consoles and PC. It is an interpretation of the atmospheric horror short story, “The Call of Cthulhu” by HP Lovecraft, and may include elements from the larger Cthulhu Mythos.

The trailer pits a man against the Great Old One. The environments are appropriately old fashioned, and add a touch of spookiness to the scenes. Call of Cthulhu is developed by French studio Cyanide and Focus Home Entertainment are the publishers. It looks like an atmospheric horror game, but there was no gameplay footage actually shown in the E3 trailer. The trailer can be seen right here:


One of the known settings in the game is a location known as Darkwater Island, where the protagonist has to find out the truth behind the unexplained murder of a family. The game is a first person action adventure title, with RPG elements thrown in. This is not a game based heavily on gun play though, conversations, stealth and cunning are more important than weapons. The island looks like it could be dangerously close to where Cthulhu is preparing to stir from his eons long sleep. The game promises to take players through a dark journey that borders on madness.

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