Facebook’s Two-Factor Authentication, How to Activate it?


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Facebook has announced Two-factor authentication for all users. The social media giant will use Google Authentication for it too.
Facebook has announced via a blog post
that they have revamped their security for all users, and in this endeavor, they have made their Two-Factor Authentication easier, and more seamless. Check out what are going to be changed..
1. The process of employing Two-Factor Authentication by users has now been made easier, and seamless.
2. Two-Factor Authentication is now independent of a mobile number. This means that users will be no required need to submit their mobile number for passing the Two-Factor Authentication.
Scott Dickens, Product Manager at Facebook told ” Two-factor authentication is an industry best practice for providing additional account security and we just made it easier to set up.”
Earlier, Facebook’s Two-factor authentication used a mobile phone number for authenticating the user, and provide them with a safe passage to the portal.
In order to bypass the need for a mobile number for Two-factor authentication, Facebook will now use third-party apps and tool, mainly: Google Authenticator and Duo Security.
This Two-factor authentication uses alternative, hardware dependent authentication process…………….Read More>>
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