LinkedIn now enabled Send Voice Messages


To make users to communicate much easier, LinkedIn has now rolled out new feature by which users record and send voice messages and can be found inside the Messaging section.

Zack Hendlin, Senior Product Manager, LinkedIn, in a blog post as ” Whether you’re responding while walking or multitasking, or need to give an in-depth explanation, voice messages let you more easily and quickly communicate in your own voice with your connections”


New voice messaging feature will let you record and send voice notes of up to 60 seconds. All you need to do is to tap on the microphone icon inside the messaging thread followed by a tap + hold gesture to record and send the voice notes. Releasing it will automatically send the message to the other party. In case you want to cancel the voice message mid-way, you can simply slide your finger away from the microphone icon while holding it down. Read More>>>



Source:- techiyogiz