Oppo Band Style review: A stylish fitness tracker


Last year, we saw the first Oppo smartwatch called the Oppo Watch. It is a good smartwatch with Wear OS that is one of my recommendations to anyone looking for a smartwatch for under Rs 20,000. I may have added another wearable from Oppo to that list of recommendations. It is the Oppo Band Style that is the first fitness band from the company in India. It is a classy fitness band that I would easily recommend for under Rs 3,000. Let me tell you why in this review.

Oppo Band Style review: Sleek design

There is not much you can do in terms of the design of a gadget that is so small and goes on your wrist. The health-monitoring module of the fitness band is long and rounded at the edges. It is a small gadget with a pleasing design. Oppo Band Style is complete when you add straps to it. And Oppo is giving you two of them. You have a regular silicone strap in black colour, while the other one has a metal frame to hold the module. This strap is a combination of gold and vanilla colours — and this is my favourite one. It is nice to see newness in the strap design because the existing ones have become unbearably boring.


The Oppo Band Style has a good fit, but since the strap is made of silicone, it tends to cause some irritation on the skin over extended usage, but it did not see rashes. I would suggest you take a break and put it off for some time. You can use this time to charge your fitness band if you want, although you will not need to charge the fitness band that frequently. I will talk about the battery life later in this review. There are 12 loops on the band that are enough for any wrist size.

Oppo Band Style review: Has a rich screen and is easy to use

The Oppo Band has a 1.1-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 126×294 pixels. A 2.5D glass protects this display on top, which is a good thing. This is a colour display that looks good and gets adequately bright. You have various brightness levels in the settings of the band, but I would have liked auto-brightness on it, which is not there. You can set the display on time, as well, and that gives you a sense of control over the gadget.

At the bottom, you see Oppo etched, which is the only thing that identifies the fitness band. There are thick bezels on it, and that is fine by me. But just to point out, Oppo could have gone for a larger real estate on display. On the back of the module are the blood oxygen level monitor, optical heart rate sensor, and charging area. This module is made of polycarbonate and feels sturdy.

Navigating on the screen is easy. There is one app icon per swipe, so you do not accidentally fire some other app because of the shortage of space. The touchscreen works well. The UI is pretty simple, too. A single tap on the home screen shows the controls, such as DND, Bluetooth, battery status, steps taken, and more. On standby, there is a watch face on the band, and you can choose one from a very wide range. But here is the caveat. You can only store five watch faces on the band, but you have a total of 40 that you can access from the app. You can also add your own custom watch face from the app. You can download HeyTap Health on both Android and iOS, but only the former supports the band right now…Read more>>